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A small GPS with that?

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Hello to you, dear reader. For my first blog, let me introduce a new product: u-TRAQ.

This little gem is not wider than a credit card or thicker than 25 cents is a very accessible and economically used to track the movement of a vehicle from a web interface. There are two models.

The first plugs into the OBD port of the vehicle and the other is directly connected to the ignition of the vehicle for permanent installation.

Now you just have to register on the website and choose one of two packages available and there you go!

A personalized portal with your logo, company name and contact is made available through which your clients will connect to access their GPS.

Several tools are at your disposal to customize arrangements, warranty, price, etc.. you go and offer to customers. You can also manage access of your staff, and you can create a virtual account to make presentations.

I do not think that it support french, but I saw in the video it was bilingual without specifying how. If it is not available, I am confident that with the representatives we will be able to do some thing.

This can be a great way to increase your recurring monthly revenue (RMR) by offering your customers in their renewal center. This is an excellent solution if they have children old enough to drive the vehicle as an alternative or as a means of protection against theft with the pro model.

Think of all your commercial customers that have a fleet of vehicles … Facilitates dispatch, the argument with a customer about the time the technician was on site, geo-fencing, etc..

Contact your representative at your local preferred security product store.

Share your comments, questions, suggestions, ideas. Thank you.


À propos de jonathan morin

Bonjour, je suis le fondateur d'une startup "Technirium". Le Technirium est la première entreprise qui peut vous libérer d'avoir votre propre service de support technique en fournissant tous les services en votre nom.


2 réflexions sur “A small GPS with that?

  1. Hi, i found that there is no problem to travel from one province to another. As for the United States, officially, it is not covered in the current plan. By cons it seems that the modules work. A North American plan will be launched soon.

    I also had confirmation that alerts can be sent by SMS.

    In terms of modes of payment on your account, you must contact a sales representative of Uplink.

    Publié par jonathan morin | 19 octobre 2011, 23 h 16 min


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